I purchased my Panasonic DMC-FZ200 in April 2013 from Amazon.com. I love the camera except after about a few weeks of using it. I thought the Disp button was sticking. I called you guys up and mentioned it. You said for me to send it in for repairs. You also said that it could take at 6 to 8 weeks before I would get my camera back. This was the middle of the Summer and I had so many things to photograph.
I waited a few more weeks, taking GREAT photo’s but I realized it wasn’t the button¬†that was sticking, it was that the camera was freezing/locking up. It got so bad that I couldn’t even turn it off one night.
It happens when I have lots of photo’s on the disk and I am manually deleting or retouching the photo’s.
It got so bad that I did send it to you for repairs. While it was in the shop I purchased another Lumix same camera from Amazon which I knew I was going to return within 30 days.(prime member)
It cost me $25 for me to send the camera for repairs and another $15 to send back the New camera back to Amazon before the month was up.
Well my camera came back the other day and is still doing the same crap it had been doing since it first started to mess up.  The camera I had purchased for the 30 days NEVER did what my camera did!
I even tried to put it in the same situation (many photo’s on the disk and manually deleting/retouching) It NEVER ACTED UP!!!!
I called customer service the other day and you guys told me to send the camera back again for repairs.
There is something wrong with the brain of MY camera and I am not going to keep sending it back, paying for shipping, being without a camera, EVER AGAIN!!!
The one I bought (mine) is a lemon!!! Granted it takes wonderful photo’s but it keeps freezing and locking. I wanted this camera to last a few years, Add lenses (macro, zoom, etc) This camera is not ever going to work right. I am SO PISSED!!!
It should have just been replaced and if your service guys CAN fix it, you can resell it as a refurbished camera. I spent over $1,200.00 buying this camera with the tripod and case, filters, extra battery, etc. Now I’ve spent another $40 for the shipping charges and it’s still not working right.
PLEASE just send me a NEW working Panasonic DMC-FZ200 and I think we will both be HAPPY!!!! Case# 306339228